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Dear Fundraising Committee,

My Daddy’s Cheesecake Bakery & Cafe can make fundraising easy and profitable for your organization.

My Daddy’s Cheesecake offers a fundraising program for groups within driving distance of our Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and the greater St. Louis area. We offer four flavors of cheesecake to be sold by your group: Classic, Berry Swirl, Mississippi Mud, and a seasonal favorite. These flavors are Daddy’s best sellers. They cover the tastes of those that enjoy traditional cheesecake or berry-flavored cheesecake filled with raspberries and strawberries. For our chocolate lovers, we have our Mississippi Mud, an all-chocolate cheesecake with a chocolate topping. My Daddy’s Cheesecake will also include seasonal favorites like Pumpkin for the fall and Key Lime for the spring.

My Daddy’s Cheesecake will develop your order forms for you. This makes the information visible and clear for the seller and buyer of the cheesecakes. They will understand what they are buying and when their order will arrive. The order form will be emailed to you for printing or group email distribution.

My Daddy’s Cheesecake makes the event profitable. That is the reason you are doing it! You sell the cakes for $18.00 each, and your cost to My Daddy’s Cheesecake is $12.00 each. You will profit $6.00 each. You are selling a 2-pound, 9-inch cheesecake. It is frozen when picked up or delivered and will need to be refrigerated or frozen until delivered to the customer.


Doing Business is as easy as…

  1. Correspondences are done via email when possible. Phone calls are limited for you and for us.
  2. My Daddy’s Cheesecake will appoint the selling dates, date orders should be turned in to you, when the total must be emailed to us, and order pick up date. Late orders will not be accepted, so tell the kids up front to be responsible and turn them in when asked.
  3. The person responsible for collecting the orders from the kids will need to count the number of each flavor and email the totals to us on the date agreed upon.
  4. Orders of 300 or more can be delivered.
  5. We will prepare an invoice based on your count. You are asked to count the cheesecake when picking up your order and sign off on the number you have received.
  6. Orders must be paid in full at time of pick up or delivery with cash or check. No cards.
  7. Cheesecakes are boxed 12 per case by flavor. Partial cases will be clearly marked.
  8. We have attached a sample order form. We are currently booking groups for our next season.

For additional information, email Zach Stanfield or contact him by phone at 573.335.6660 or 1.800.735.6765.

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